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Florida Man....

Published by Ed in Society · 3/12/2017 13:37:21

While I have a couple of ideas for articles on simulation and electornics, the days are short and I lack ambition. So instead I am just going to write something dumb and goofy - much like the majority of whats online.

'Florida Man' has become a common meme for the start of a headline describing something dumb, obnoxious, or illegal. Floridians don't have a monlpoly on wierdness though. Today I am going to see what pops out of Google's autocomplete for various other states. Since I am too lazy to do all 50, I will just focus on a few nearby ones...

Apparently, in Massachusetts, beyond the usual crime, Powerball, Haunted Houses, Bees, and Beer seeme to be popular themes.

And just down the street in Rhode Island, matricide and  crossdressing seem to be popular.

The theme for Connecticut seems to be deadly ticks - which isn't actually funny as Lyme Desease is a real problem down there.

Not much excitement in either New Hampshire or Vermont beyond the run-of the-mill police blotter.

Apparently Maine Man goes fishing, has his own song and comes in various flavors - or 'flavahs' as we say in this corner of the world. I know it gets cold up there in the winter, but cannibalism?

And finally, New England Man has many interests - he sells leaves and snow, and lives in a cave watching the Patriots play football.


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