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The Blah-mobiles

Published by Ed in Misc. · 19/3/2018 19:31:47
Tags: AutomobilesColorsPopularDrab

About a week ago we got more than a foot of snow, and it has been sufficiently cold since that most of it is still around.  While driving, it can be hard to see all the white cars poking their way around snowbanks. White is a really good camouflage color in a snowy environment.

Other than the number of white cars out there, one other thing I noticed is how few cars are particularly colorful. Black, grey (and silver-ish), and various earth-tones are really popular, along with dark blues and a couple of dark red (burgundy) ones.  Not too many brights on the road - reds, yellows, oranges, greens. My car is what the manufacturer calls 'electrolyte green', probbaly because it is colored similarly to Gatorade - although I personally think its color is closer to that of a tennis ball. One co-worker once described it as 'snot-colored' . No matter what you want to call the color, it is easy to pick out in a parking lot, especially when partially covered in snow. This color definitely isn't popular though - I have only a handful of cars in this shade in the town where I live. Other bright colors, such as Firetruck red - the classic hue for the mid-life crisis Mustang is also rare, as is bright yellow - although  I did see a yellow Porsche  a few months ago. Memorable since so rare.

What is it with the drab car colors? People just want to blend into the crowd?  Why waste money on an expensive car if nobody will notice it?  And it becomes too easy to lose track of at the mall?

The Next Recession?

Published by Ed in Society · 7/3/2018 18:14:24
Tags: economicsforecastnigrecession
The minimum of the unemployment curve may be a useful leading indicator for recessions in the United States.

The Great Tax Reform

Published by Ed in Society · 26/12/2017 20:12:59
Tags: IncomeTaxUS2018

Florida Man....

Published by Ed in Society · 3/12/2017 13:37:21
Google Autocomplete for Man...

Measuring Word-of-Mouth

Published by Ed in Science & Nature · 29/11/2017 19:07:40
Measuring word of mouth effectiveness from sales data

The Move and the Externalities

Published by Ed in Society · 29/11/2017 18:40:40
Corporate social responsibility environment carbon footprint externalities

Geese in a Row?

Published by Ed in Science & Nature · 11/11/2017 17:34:56
Tags: StupidBirds

A Visitor

Published by Ed in Science & Nature · 4/9/2017 16:26:58
Tags: PrayingMantis

The Difference between Blogs and Articles

Published by Ed in Misc. · 29/7/2017 10:29:51

You are Number 6!

Published by Ed in Society · 29/7/2017 10:13:24
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